Anonymous asked: So r u dating tht same kid or some1 else now

Nope still the same Jew 😎 but he’s been away so I haven’t seen him in a while!

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The jazz band thinks I’m hot that’s all the reassurance I need in my life LMFAO

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On a scale of 1 to American how free are you on Friday night?

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In Senegal, some 20 miles from the capital of Dakar, lies the Pink Lake(‘Lac Rose’ in French, Lake Retba to the locals). It is shallow and warm with a high salt content(almost 40%), making everything buoyant. The lake boosts the economy not just from harvesting the salt but also as a tourist attraction.
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Ugh that was a really great time with you but it felt likely ended how it always used to end and that’s not even because of you or anything it was about something else I’m so mad about that like why did that have to come up. It’s probably nothing and we are finally great I’ve waited for this for a year and now it’s finally feeling so much more right. Please let this continue for me ugh

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